We Remember






Remembering those who guide us now from a higher place….













Anna Marie Spinelli

Anna was one of the dedicated founders of the Coalition for Quality Care (CQC).  She served as a member of the Executive Committee of CQC for many years.  Anna was a strong, consistent, and effective long-term care citizen advocate.  She learned first-hand the importance and value of the perspectives of the people needing long-term care (and their friends and families) to any and all discussions with those who make or implement long-term care policies. 

These experiences inspired her to become a tireless supporter of long-term care Citizen Advocacy Groups (CAGs) working in the various states to monitor and improve care in all long-term care settings.  She understood the need to support the efforts of currently operating CAGs and to encourage the formation of new CAGs in states where they do not now exist.

She sent the organization off to a good start and remains ever in our minds as we endeavor to fulfill our mission.



Clare Elizabeth Calvert Whitbeck

Clare was instrumental in the creation of the Coalition for Quality Care and served as Treasurer until her death in January 2016.  She knew the importance of the support of concerned citizens in bringing the perspective of people needing long-term care and their friends and families into any discussions of the quality of that care.

Clare spent many hours working in all aspects of long-term care advocacy.  Among her interests was the support and continuation of the long-term care Citizen Advocacy Groups and the need to create new CAGs in states where they do not exist or are no longer in operation.

She guides us still with her keen sense of humor, wisdom, and insights.